Ozhivudivasthe Kali

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Ozhivudivasthe Kali – An Off Day Game film detail

Five friends get together on a general election holiday for a booze party. As they started to booze, their inner characters started to come out. The fun mood dramatically changes.The game they involve slowly evolve into the game of politics.
On a public election holiday, five friends meet in a resort deep in the jungles to spend a day drinking and merrymaking. They come from different backgrounds and professions, but they have only one aim – to enjoy life for one day far from the hassles. But, during the course of the day, the animal instincts within them come to the fore. To resolve the crisis and to end the boredom, they decide to play a game – a game played when they were kids.

CAST Abhija Sivakala, Nisthar Sait, Sridhar, Arun Nayar, Girish Nair, Baiju Neto, Pradeep Kumar
DIRECTOR Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
LANGUAGE Malayalam
DURATION 02 hours 15 minutes
GENRE Thriller


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